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  1. come up with (or deliver) the goods

    • ph.
      do what is expected or required of one
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    • 誰可以幫我翻譯這篇英文??

      ...always rewarded with candy. This joyful...歡樂的節日就叫做萬聖節。 the story of Halloween... of the dead would come back to the earth. ... came up with a good way to scare away these...

    • Ebola Prevention Discussion

      ...further outbreak of other similar disease. ★ The current outbreak of Ebola also...improvement. It is a good chance to arouse people's awareness... has already come up with any preventic measures for...

    • 客人問英文,看不懂?

      Hello, 你好 I can come up with a good offer for the above mentioned item. 上述所提的項目我可以提供好(優惠)的價格。Full payment via ...