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  1. comets

    • comet的名詞複數
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    • comet briefly traced a ....??


    • 緊急..有誰能幫忙把這篇中文翻譯成英文???

      Comet, is named "Broom star ", from time immemorial while it...demonic personification ", so, as older generation's person sees have comet appear time in the sky, know "Happiness happy days will pass "...

    • 請教這句英文的文法

      A small comet survived what astronomers figured would be a sure death when...1. 整句話的主詞(S1)和動詞(V1)是哪個? S1 -> a small comet V1 -> survived 2011-12-28 01:24:31 補充: 2. "A...