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  1. command performance


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    • 急!!請英文高手幫忙檢查文法對錯

      ... pleasure in dancing; Drama Performance may give* a good way to enhance students'... to my own view, not necessry. 2. make /order/command/... someone +V原形=enforce someone + do/V原形...

    • 三句短短的中文要翻成英文?

      A.Inviting every domestic record company to attend the performance in actor's group under command, performing will reward and donate 30% and serve the purpose of love public service...

    • 英翻中 英文高手請幫忙

      ... volumes(wal-mart)and/or the ability to command a higher price(mercedes-benz), thus driving...return on investment, and other measures of financial performance. 任何策略的全身心是行動並且進入市場經理正帶改進...