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  1. commanding officer

    • n.
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    • 想請問一些關於軍中的英文

      Bedroom:CommanderGroup CommanderDeputy Commanding Officer of the group roomBusiness DeanBattalion staff officerOperations...

    • 英文~請幫我翻譯成中文的意思 ! !

      這是某遊戲的英文說明嗎? 翻譯如下: A very important commanding officer has been tracked down to a bunker in the desert.We need...

    • Order, Bid, Command..

      ...場合。如:Do as I command (you). 照我命令(你的)去做。The officer commanded his men to fire. 軍官命令士兵開火。(2) order 屬常用詞,指一般...