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  1. commercial vehicle

    • IPA[kəˌmərSHəl ˈvēəkəl]
    • n.
      a vehicle used for carrying goods or fare-paying passengers.
    • noun: commercial vehicle, plural noun: commercial vehicles

  2. 知識+

    • 英文報紙上的問題(Taipei Times 10/23)

      ...catch up with China which is already well established in the commercial launch sector. 所以which在這邊還是關代 整句話是說 但印度要追趕上...

    • 這英文我翻出來覺得怪怪的請幫幫忙

      ...area also has a relatively large number of vehicles. 2. 這大都會區此外有一相對許許多多車輛。  With...million automobiles, vans, and heavy-duty commercial trucks (Purvis, 1997) that consume about 13...

    • 請幫忙修正一小段中翻英自傳,謝謝!!

      ... responsible for customers with orders over 100,000 vehicle frames. Over independent and diverse trading ... my personal expertise in both operating process and commercial matters.