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  1. commit

    • IPA[kəˈmɪt]



    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 過去式:committed 過去分詞:committed 現在分詞:committing

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. to commit adultery/manslaughter/murder/perjury 犯通姦罪/過失殺人罪/謀殺罪/偽證罪 to commit suicide 自殺
    • 2. 使承諾 to commit sb. to doing sth./to sth. 使某人承諾做某事/承諾某事物 to be committed to doing sth. 承諾做某事
    • 3. 耗費 are you willing to commit an hour a day to this work? 你願意每天花一個小時做這項工作嗎?
    • 4. 記下 to commit sth. to paper/writing 將某事記在紙上/寫下來 to commit sth. to memory 記住某事物
    • 5. 關押 to commit sb. for trial 將某人關押起來候審 to have sb. committed 把某人關進精神病院


    • 1. 承諾 why are so many men scared to commit? 為甚麼這麼多男人都害怕作出承諾?


    1. perpetrate or carry out (a mistake, crime, or immoral act)

    2. pledge or bind (a person or an organization) to a certain course or policy

    3. consign (someone) officially to prison, especially on remand

    4. send (someone) to be confined in a psychiatric hospital


    「1. send (someone) to be confined in a psychiatric hospital」的反義字

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