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  1. commitment

    • IPA[kəˈmitmənt]


    • n.
      the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.;a pledge or undertaking
    • noun: commitment, plural noun: commitments

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    • n.
      post-sentence institutional detention of an offender with the intention of preventing further ... a 75-year-old convicted sex offender being held in civil commitment

    Oxford American Dictionary

    • n.
      an order authorizing the admission and detention of a patient in a psychiatric hospital.

    Oxford American Dictionary

    • n.
      a ceremony to mark the spousal union of two people who are not legally allowed to marry, such ...

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • IPA[kəˈmɪtm(ə)nt]


    • n.
      the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.: the company's commitment to quality I could not fault my players for commitment

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 請問有關英文Commitment這個字的用法

      commitment 在第一句和第二句都可譯為「支持」或「投注... direct economic investment, Airbus' commitment to the region is commendable 將直接經濟投資提高...老闆說,做這工作必須全心灌注,老闆是在要求你的 commitment 6. 男女交往很久,但不結婚,因為雙方或一方對...

    • Promise與commitment之間的差別? get back in time, but I'm not making any promises. Commitment n. (名詞 noun) 承諾,保證;承擔的義務 I felt I did...

    • commitment to excellence,中翻英?。 (3) the company's commitment to excellence要怎麼翻。「公司卓著的承諾」或「該公司追求卓越的承諾」都是...