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    • Commit to用法

      第一句才是對的: I am committed to improving the working environment. 本句的主要動詞是am,committed...

    • commit的奇怪用法

      ...形容詞, 並以各自適用的介系詞連接相關的受詞.所以[committed]在這句的用法也是一樣: 全力奉獻的, 不遺餘力的Many organizations are committed to bringing clean water to places in need. 許多組織不遺餘力, 提供乾淨...

    • 求meet+commit用法

      朗文字典對commit的定義 commit verb [I or T] - to promise or give your loyalty, time or money to a particular...期待 ex. Ben studies day and night in order to meet his parents' expectations...