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  1. commodity transaction

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    • 拍賣交易內容-->中文翻英文!!!

      ...please first in detail read, and 100% agreed that sells the field transaction rules (為保障雙方權益,下標前請先詳細閱讀,並100%同意賣場交易守則) Commodity condition explanation 商品狀態說明) The indication size is &ldquo...

    • 英文高手,可以幫我修正一下嗎?

      ... asymmetry situation has existed between business transactions and different levels of perspectives of the commodities in the market.  However, does the same situation still exist today? ...

    • 急~請幫我翻譯這幾句英文~拜託....

      ...convenience stores, buyers pick up at the convenience store, convenient and secure transactions. 5. the print media based on the topic of commodity issues we reported. 6. Consumer Guide.