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    • pinying[lan2 ling3]
    • blue collar;common laborer
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    • 尋找文章裡的英文片語

      be able to upper class on his way look depressed 2008-04-11 13:23:38 補充: be able to 能,可以 upper class 上流社會 on his way 在....的路上 look depressed 看起來很沮喪

    • 用英文短篇介紹夜市的特色~15點~粉急唷~~~

      In the night market besides common makes merry and so on various typesstall among, recently also has the missionary, the buddhist priest,the singer even foreign laborer and so on steps in, works according toability in a this ...

    • 能否幫我翻譯文章2(英翻中)20點

      ... whit a section om sins that are common to 14 occupational categories , ranging form bishops and their vicars to manual laborer s. the confessional manuals told pries...