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  1. common currency

    • a system of money shared by two or more countries;something shared by different groups
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    • 請問這段英文要怎麼翻成中文呢?

      ... China. He also wants to give Europe's common currency the boot. 他也想要給歐洲的共同貨幣靴子。 2005-12-25 13:58:55 補充: 參考...

    • 幫我修改一段文法debate onUS/CAcurrency

      ...many times, it is really a serious problem. The performance of a common currency will get a great benefit for other countries, not only for the United...

    • 財務會計英文翻譯

      ...期供应合同。 当个体G被输入合同评估被做US$是否认为一`共同的currency每IAS 39.AG33 (d) (iii)出于对建立考虑一种嵌入衍生物是否将需要...