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  1. common fraction


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    • 數學專有名詞翻譯!(20)

      真,有理數,無理數系統 絕對值 對數字的線的圖 簡化使合理激進分子命名者,結合 指數的法律 否定性的指數 合理的(小部分)指數 簡單和復利 PST 和 GST 算數的順序 - 總的學期,意味著,總和 幾何學的順序 有 多項式(代數) 的操作 共同因素 把三項式列為因素...

    • 請問這段中文要如何翻成英文? (有關電影製作)

      ...persistence vision is the phenomenon in which the afterimages persist for a fraction of second on the retina. A common example is the light which shortly retains in our eyesight after...

    • withdraw v.s cancel

      ...銷(帳). 6. Mathematics. to eliminate by striking out a factor common to both the denominator and numerator of a fraction, equivalent terms on oppositesides of an equation, etc 刪除;取消...