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    • 1. 比較

      If you compare the translation with the original you will find some errors there in. 你如果將譯文和原文對照, 可以發現一些錯誤。

      I'm afraid my English compares poorly with hers. 恐怕我的英語同她的英語相比要差得多。



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    • compare to / with差異

      ...可以與其相類比;即它跟戀愛相同) If you say that something does not compare with something else, you mean that it is much worse.(比較差) The...

    • 請問怎麼翻譯? compare with...

      Gold’s drop compares with a 1.2 percent loss for silver this year. 今年黃金的挫跌...黃金使用量在工業用途上約佔10%, 說明: 本句中的compared是及物用法中被動語意的分詞; accounts則是...

    • compare to VS compare with用法的差

      通常compare with 是用在比較東西不同之處翻譯成...比較/相比... 例如: Compare some recent...就會發現你進步了多少) 此句意思就是說他的作業跟以前的作業程度大不相同 而compare to 是用在比較相似之處---通常翻譯成...喻為... 例如: In his letter...