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  1. compassionate leave

    • IPA[kəmˈpaSHənət lēv]


    • n.
      a period of absence from work granted to someone as the result of particular personal circumstances, especially the death of a close relative.
    • noun: compassionate leave

  2. 知識+

    • 請事假的英文怎麼說?

      ...病假: ask for sick leave請產假: ask for maternity leave請喪假: ask for compassionate leave(compassionate leave通常都是因為私人家庭事務而請的假--如家人生重病或...

    • 英文請假信函

      ...forgiveness of the student. And appreciated you can approve theis "compassionate leave" for your studet. Thanks and Best Regard ~~稍微...

    • 用英文請喪假~麻煩英文好的大大幫我修改~贈10點

      ...我初時也看不懂﹐查了線上詞典才知道是喪假的意思。在舊公司時人事部是用 compassionate leave 的字眼﹐也有公司用 funeral leave 的字眼。 上面將你的原文略為修改...