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    • 請問這段英文要怎麼翻譯

      The competencies presented here outline the process by which faculty...相當了解的人?) Students also will find the competencies useful, because they provide students with a framework...

    • 汽車科技英文翻譯 ~10點贈送

      The competency objectives are different from the performance objectives in... so that the theory will be clear. 充分了解汽車術語,理論才會清楚The competency tasks are related to job skills needed to perform...

    • 請教 核心競爭力 的翻譯..

      Core Competency 就我所知,如指企業,公司等的核心競爭力,可使用Core Competency 參考看看 2005-06-10 20:46:25 補充: ????