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  1. competitor

    • IPA[kəmˈpedədər]


    • n.
      a person who takes part in an athletic contest;an organization or country engaged in commercial or economic competition with others
    • noun: competitor, plural noun: competitors

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    • 請問我的英文文法有問題嗎

      There are five competitors exporting wine to Japan (, 此處... has to be aware (that) these competitors (will soon) enter(s去除) (to去除,enter是及物動詞...

    • 請問要如何翻譯參賽者的英文單字?


    • ethical copetitor 的定義

      看了一下 ethical 光是字面上有道德 倫理的意思 ethical competitor 應該就是指 那些基於 合理/有道德的基礎上的商業競爭者 像是有些 誇大不實...