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  1. complain about

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    • 1. 抱怨

      Everyone complained about the trash, but no one picked any of it up. 每一個人抱怨垃圾, 卻沒有一個人撿起任何垃圾。

      Listen! Joe is complaining about the bad weather again. 聽!喬又在抱怨天氣不好。



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    • complain of 及complain

      ...動詞也是不及物動詞 I have nothing to complain of(about). =>I have nothing to complain.改complain...文法規定才完整 如:What are you complaining about? What the hell are you ...

    • 空英 complaint抱怨的另一講法?

      Complain about =Make a complaint about=Murmur about=Grumble... 1What is something you might need to complain about? How could you make a complaint more effective?   2Tell...

    • 英文合併句子-被動式兩句併在一起

      I am writing to complain about order # 7214-649. It arrived yesterday...last week. = I am writing to complain about order # 7214-649 which was completed last...