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  1. complementary function

    • n.
      the part of the general solution of a linear differential equation which is the general solution of the associated homogeneous equation obtained by substituting zero for the terms not containing the dependent variable.
    • noun: complementary function, plural noun: complementary functions

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      ... complex (RISC) to target viral mRNAs bearing complementary sequences for destruction. 其中主導的一條(one strand of the siRNA...

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      順勢療法: 輔助醫療理論: 在此輔助醫療系統下,對病人投予微量天然物質所製的藥劑,此天然物質劑量提高時,則會引發該病的症狀。 物流: 流動管理:藉由組織或製造流程來規劃並控制貨物及原物料的流通。 脊椎按摩療法 (脊骨神經醫學或整脊治療法): 治療法: 此療法理論...

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      ...是由NoRC(一種染色體重建複合體用來觸發異染色質)調控著。 NoRC function requires RNA that iscomplementary to the rDNA promoter (pRNA...