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  1. complements

    • complement的名詞複數
  2. 知識+

    • Adverbial Complement相關問題

      The Adverbial Complement of Manner:- He spoke in a low voice. He spoke...

    • Objective Complement-受詞補語

      用例句解說最快最有效率! 主詞補語: Bobby is tall. 形容詞tall為主詞Bobby的主詞補語,補充說明主詞並且補足句子殘缺。 Jenny looks sleepy. 形容詞sleepy為主詞Jenny的主詞補雨,補充說明主詞並且補足句子殘缺。 My interest...

    • 這個句子怎麼出現二個動詞??

      ... and nature could coexist, with each one complementing the other. 想請問大家的是, 1. 這個句子中怎有...,nature兩者和each one可以共存。而且後面的complementing the other會無法連上(看起來成了四者)。但原...