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    • 被動與疑問句的動詞如何判別?

      ...如何判別?(1)The director of the company was given complete control of the energy project. 公司的主管被授予能源策劃方案的完全掌控權...跟 see) 都是及物 Vt 動詞, 所以後面需接 受詞 (control 跟 people).

    • 求助~翻譯 有關電腦資訊方面

      ... to use a Beowulf while the software developer is given complete control over the low cost machine during the buggy period of code development. Beowulf...

    • sitting on top的用法 +top的詞性+翻譯

      線上英語字典www.dictionary.com對”on top of ...”這個成語的解釋: on top of: in complete control of: on top of the problem. 對…完全掌控:(例句)對問題完全掌握 He's...