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  1. complete street
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    • 1. 全暢行街道(指任何交通工具都可以自由通行的道路)

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    請幫我看一下 是否翻譯錯誤 謝謝大家

    ...process, such as the vendors of the street, the neighbors next to the street, etc..Without their enthusiam, we can't complete this project successfully. They also helped us to be more familiar...

    請問 假如要將此段句子翻成英文 要怎樣寫會比較洽當 ??

    ... people hit the person which the basketball, has to be able on the street to put the music along with music heartily Solo; Some person...on, only then sufficiently constitutes Hip Hop the complete picture.


    ... Sinpu 5 97 21 F Street, 21st Floor, No. 99, 101.... Construction was completed on April 22, 1999. Fourth, the...