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  1. complete zero


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    • 英文文章翻譯急救

      ...conversation in background] [在背景中有不可理解的對話] HOT-2a—one zero one three. 1013 HOT-2a—after takeoff (checks) complete. 起飛後(檢查)完成 CAM-3—the chart, Adel 那個圖表...

    • 求電影對話 翻譯

      Parcel delivery completed. Fire raids requested.

    • 求幫忙中文摘要翻譯英文

      ...加以分類並合併,做成一個網站供家長們運用。 There is little complete information on the Internet on Zero-hour activities so, this project is to collect and to categorize the available...