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    • 請大大們幫翻一下背~~謝嚕

      ...t leave it"~the side white:"At this time Persia the completely quiet lake bottom in beauty of the 鳳 , ignorant his bad luck will soon condescend to come...

    • 有10句英文大家來找碴

      1.點完名後,學生們把作業放在老師的桌上。 2.雪倫要求她的老闆幫她加薪,並得到了一次這檔事。 3.演員們以敞開的雙臂來表示對這些花朵的贊同。 4.一個"坡道關閉"的板子,造成後面高速公路上的大回堵(不太確定) 5.教練警告太早慶祝的球員們,等到比賽結束再慶祝不遲...

    • which color is the best for s

      ... people to study. People who are trying to study need a quiet environment to concentrate on the the study object. WHITE makes a good...