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    • 英文文法問題請解答~一個例句裡面為何有兩個動詞?

      ...卻沒有不定詞或分詞。 The specification says this system can comply with Windows 2000. 上面的句子紅色的字就是動詞。這句話原來是 The...

    • 幫我查這幾個片語的意思和例句

      ...speechless) EX: He was completely tongue-tied with anger. * comply with 遵守 We comply with all fire safety rules. 希望你喜歡我的回答...

    • (商業用) 英文翻譯成中文

      should comply with French & European regulations relative to food contact...圖樣未獲核可之前不得進行印刷作業the goods should not be shipped with out production sample approval  生產樣品未獲核可前貨品不得裝運the goods inspection...