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    • 不懂中文的 真正意思, 有關合約的內容

      Market growth development base on Agreed joint survey to comply with minimum monthly orders. 根據雙方共同做的市調結果來開發、拓產市場...

    • 幫我查這幾個片語的意思和例句

      ...speechless) EX: He was completely tongue-tied with anger. * comply with 遵守 We comply with all fire safety rules. 希望你喜歡我的回答...

    • make it a point

      warehouse workers must make it a point to comply with all safety regulations in order to reduce the potential...就是俗稱的「成語」: make it a point to V,意思是「要特別注意,確保.....」。 in order to V...