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  1. compound

    • IPA[ˈkämˌpound]


    • n.
      an open area enclosed by a fence, for example around a factory or large house or within a prison.
    • noun: compound, plural noun: compounds

  2. 知識+

    • Compound」是什麼樣的句型呢?

      文法書上說: Compound sentence (複合句) 指的是「至少兩個主要子句構成的... sentence 就簡單翻成「複句」。 而 Compound-Complex sentence 柯老師翻成「複合複雜句...

    • Compound是什麼?

      compound word是複合字的意思,就是二個原本有意義的字組合成另一個字,例如:evel...合成的,複合的,混合的"Broad-shouldered" is a compound word."Broad-shouldered"是個複合字。2. 【文】複合的...

    • Mixture and compound

      ... we talk about mixture, we think of it as something contrast to pure substance. A compound is 化合物, according to Merriam Webster's on-line...