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    • 關於Truant Minor的中文翻譯

      ...解釋~~^^~~ Truant曠課 A "truant" is a child subject to compulsory school attendance and who is absent without valid cause from such attendance for a school...

    • 身分證上的中文資料英譯

      ... Security Number) 配偶: Spouse 役別: Compulsory military service (status) (註: ( ) 內的字可省略) 出生地: Place of birth...

    • 幫我把以下中文翻成英文

      ... and there will be a family reunion function where by my attendance is compulsory. 因為我爸爸剛好從大陸回來,我們要家庭聚餐,所以很抱歉恐怕我不能赴約...