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  1. comrade in arms


    • n.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 戰友;患難之交 When I was stationed in Iraq, he was my comrade in arms. 當我被派駐在伊拉克的時候,他是我的戰友。
  2. 知識+

    • 「同事」之間的不同

      ...person that you work with, especially as soldiers during a war (BrE also comrade-in-arms)(old-fashioned) 朋友; 同事(尤指戰爭期間的)戰友 ex: They ...

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      我用線上翻譯機翻譯的呢@@" 看過一遍蠻爛的~"~ 有幾句翻的怪怪的~~ 從那天, Scyla的部落有一位新的大師。 Scyla沿著他的老同志仍然戰鬥在胳膊,但他們比一個閣下現在對待他更可能一得獎的warhound在人之中。 Scyla的唯一的慾望是以他的嗜殺神的名義...

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      ...aircraft, by a person or group, usually armed. 劫機的定義是由一個人或者一... usually not perpetrated in order to rob the cargo. 跟陸地上... during the 1970s, the release of comrades being held in prison...