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  1. concentrate on

    • ph.
      專心於...; 集中於
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    • 1. 專心於...; 集中於 His whole attention is concentrated on the subject. 他的全部注意力集中在這個問題上面。 He is unable to concentrate his mind on academic work. 他不能全神貫注於學術工作。


    專心於...; 集中於

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    • please concentrate on what you

      祈使意動詞後接原形動詞 所以是可以放在一起的 例如: Please stand up. Please tell me what's happen? 等等

    • concentrate on feeling better

      ... you go, Don't worry about a thing, OK? You just concentrate on feeling better, and I'll take care of everything else.你什麼...

    • 介係詞with和on較不常見的用法

      I find it hard to concentrate on studying with the radio on. 我發現收音機開著我就很...舒服,而悲喜讓我哭,這種 with 才是原因。 2. 句中兩個 onconcentrate on studying 的 on 是介係詞,所以後面加動名詞 ...