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  1. concern

    • IPA[kənˈsəːn]


    • v.
      relate to; be about;be relevant or important to; affect or involve
    • n.
      anxiety; worry;a cause of anxiety or worry
    • noun: concern, plural noun: concerns

    • verb: concern, 3rd person present: concerns, gerund or present participle: concerning, past tense: concerned, past participle: concerned

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  2. 知識+

    • concern的用法

      Q:那concern當"關於"解釋時,是只能用主動還是兩者都可? corcern沒有被動語態對的, ex: concern當動詞「使關心」解釋時 (X) I concern your health. 我關心你的健康. 主動才對 - Your health concerns...

    • concern的用法 勿刪!!!!

      ...跟這個字的用法比較有關, 跟文法比較沒關. 你所列出這兩點都是對的: (a) be concerned with = concern = be about = 和...有關 (b) be concerned about=be concerned...

    • concern??about

      小TT, 你寫的兩句中的concern都錯了,應訂正為are concerned。 2015...15:50:50 補充: DSG, 沒錯, 作「關於」意思時, concerning就是介系詞。 2015-03-21 23:22:36 補充: 不知道為什麼...