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  1. conclude

    • IPA[kənˈkluːd]
    • vt.
      結束; 完成;推斷
    • vi.
    • 過去式:concluded 過去分詞:concluded 現在分詞:concluding

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 結束; 完成 to be concluded 下集播完 ‘finally,’ he concluded, ‘my thanks to you all’ “最後,”他最後說,“謝謝大家”
    • 2. 推斷 to conclude that sb. is innocent 判定某人無罪
    • 3. 決定 to conclude that ... 決定…
    • 4. 達成 to conclude a treaty/an alliance 締結條約/結成聯盟


    • 1. 結束 to conclude with sth./by doing sth. 以某事/做某事告終 she concluded by saying that she was leaving the firm 她最後說她要離開公司


    1. bring or come to an end

    2. formally and finally settle or arrange (an agreement)

    3. arrive at a judgement or opinion by reasoning


    「1. bring or come to an end」的反義字

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    • what's concluding sentence?

      ...some examples to support your argument in your article; a good concluding sentence is you can give the same idea in the last and it means just like...

    • (英文)concluding remarks是什麼.....

      concluding remarks concluding結束的,最後的 remark評論;講述;發言 簡單說就是{結論}

    • 請問一個英文單字

      conclude 結束演說 conclude可用在會議(結束演說),訂立條約,或是用於陪審團做出最後結論時使用 這是有關國民黨榮譽主席連戰,在兩岸經貿論壇結束後,所發表的記者會中,表示,此行之結果比預期的還要更好。