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  1. condition

    • IPA[kənˈdɪʃn]
    • n.
      狀況; 處境;條件; 條款
    • npl.
    • vt.
      訓練; 使適應;決定
    • 過去式:conditioned 過去分詞:conditioned 現在分詞:conditioning

    • 名詞複數:conditions

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 狀況; 處境 to be in good/bad condition 狀況良好/很差 to keep sth. in good condition 使某物保持良好狀況
    • 2. 條件; 條款 to make conditions 制定條件 to fulfil or meet or satisfy the conditions 滿足條件
    • 3. 健康狀況 his mental/physical condition 他的精神/身體狀態 to be in good condition 身體健康
    • 4. 疾病 a medical condition 內科疾病 a heart/skin condition 心臟病/皮膚病


    • 1. 條件 under difficult/favourable etc. conditions 在困難的/有利的等條件下 working/living/housing conditions 工作/生活/居住條件


    • 1. 訓練; 使適應 to condition sb./sth. to do sth. 訓練…做某事 to be conditioned into doing sth. 習慣於做某事
    • 2. 決定
    • 3. 護理
    • 4. 處理


    1. the state of something with regard to its appearance, quality, or working order

    2. a person's or animal's state of health or physical fitness

    3. an illness or other medical problem

    4. the circumstances or factors affecting the way in which people live or work, especially with regard to their well-being

    5. a situation that must exist before something else is possible or permitted

    6. have a significant influence on or determine (the manner or outcome of something)

    7. train or accustom to behave in a certain way or to accept certain circumstances

    8. bring (something) into the desired state for use

    9. make (a person or animal) fit and healthy

    10. apply a conditioner to (the hair)

  2. 知識+

    • in conditions to 是什麼意思?

      condition(s) 在英文中的使用情形頗為混亂,因其慣用語...基本上,可大致區分兩大類型 1.) in (or out of) condition - in a fit (or unfit) physical state. (指狀態) 2.) on...請見諒) 2011-12-04 12:03:59 補充: 句中的 in conditions 解釋為 ready 有點籠統。 解釋為 meet the ...

    • in condition 是身體健康的意思嗎?

      " in condition"是身體健康的意思沒錯~ condition這個字比較特別 它可以當可數名詞也可以當不可數名詞, 在一般英語的習慣講法 如果你想表示身體健康 用in condition(不可數名詞)時不用再加形容詞(good) 你想把形容詞加進去的話就得說”in a...

    • condition&conditions的差別~

      condition: 名詞(n.) 1.情況(健康等),狀態 2.環境,形式 3.條件 及物動詞(vt.) 1.決定 2.使健康 condition&conditions意思一樣,只是conditions是在第三人稱後面(當動詞...