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  1. condition

    • IPA[kənˈdiSH(ə)n]


    • n.
      the state of something with regard to its appearance, quality, or working order;a person's or animal's state of health or physical fitness
    • v.
      have a significant influence on or determine (the manner or outcome of something);train or accustom (someone or something) to behave in a certain way or to accept certain circumstances
    • verb: condition, 3rd person present: conditions, gerund or present participle: conditioning, past tense: conditioned, past participle: conditioned

    • noun: condition, plural noun: conditions

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    • in conditions to 是什麼意思?

      condition(s) 在英文中的使用情形頗為混亂,因其慣用語...基本上,可大致區分兩大類型 1.) in (or out of) condition - in a fit (or unfit) physical state. (指狀態) 2.) on...請見諒) 2011-12-04 12:03:59 補充: 句中的 in conditions 解釋為 ready 有點籠統。 解釋為 meet the ...

    • in condition 是身體健康的意思嗎?

      " in condition"是身體健康的意思沒錯~ condition這個字比較特別 它可以當可數名詞也可以當不可數名詞, 在一般英語的習慣講法 如果你想表示身體健康 用in condition(不可數名詞)時不用再加形容詞(good) 你想把形容詞加進去的話就得說”in a...

    • condition&conditions的差別~

      condition: 名詞(n.) 1.情況(健康等),狀態 2.環境,形式 3.條件 及物動詞(vt.) 1.決定 2.使健康 condition&conditions意思一樣,只是conditions是在第三人稱後面(當動詞...