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  1. conditioned to

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    • 1. 適應 This plant is already conditioned to the northern climate. 這一作物已適應了北方氣候。
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    • in conditions to 是什麼意思?

      ... Dictionary) 版大的句子, The proposal was (in conditions) to be issued to the government for its promulgation. 句中的 in conditions...

    • 請問英文高手英翻中condition love to be

      ... 寬恕、humility 謙遜、understanding 具同理心、valor 勇敢。 condition 在此當動詞,有「使健康; 使處於良好狀態」之意。舉個例子就容易懂。比方說...

    • 討論一下(英文的小問題)

      1. She is in 『no conditionto tell me 應該是這樣看的 而不是 She... have no idea about the woman. She's in no condition to tell me. 計程車司機:我叫Bob,但我...