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    • 請問英文選擇題~

      Orchestra music is wonderfully conducive to relaxation. 管絃樂非常有助於放鬆...資料 - 明報新聞網 2010-03-04 22:34:55 補充: 是因為 conducive 沒錯。 【單字】:conducive 有助的,有益的,促成的(+to...

    • 幫我翻譯這句英文還有分析句型!

      ...a mistake by offering omelets and pancakes, which aren't conducive to eating on the go. 該公司現在說,它們過去賣煎蛋捲和煎鬆餅是錯的...

    • 中文解釋一片語

      ...mildly prurient, as the name suggests that these 'handles' are conducive to sex. 補充 : 啤酒肚=beer belly(保證正確)