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    • 超急!!CISG貿易法的英文個案~

      ...judgment was appropriate “;when the contract terms are clear and not conducive to more than one reasonable interpretation”; and rejected both applications for a summary judgment finding that the content of the agency agreement between the defendant...

    • 英翻中 一篇短篇英文

      下週一 11月28號 凱楠圖書館將盛大開幕 歡迎校友來到有著更好配備設施的凱南大學 雖然圖書館未能在下週一之前百分之一百完工 但是我們會讓它更舒適並有著最完善的學習環境 使人人受惠 期待您的蒞臨 謝謝

    • 短文 \”英翻中\”不要翻譯器(20點)

      ... are available. High tunnel production is very conducive to the inclusion of biological controls and allows for a truly IPM system. This article provides a selective overview of...