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  1. conduct

    • IPA[ˈkɒndʌkt]
    • n.
      行為;處理; 實施; 經營
    • vt.
      為…做嚮導;處理; 安排; 經營; 進行
    • vi.
    • 過去式:conducted 過去分詞:conducted 現在分詞:conducting

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 行為 code of conduct 行為規範 disorderly conduct 目無法紀的行為
    • 2. 處理; 實施; 經營


    • 1. 為…做嚮導 she conducted us around the house 她領我們在房子裡轉了轉
    • 2. 處理; 安排; 經營; 進行 to conduct an inquiry 進行調查 to conduct a case/defence 處理案件/進行辯護
    • 3. 指揮 she regularly conducts Mozart 她經常指揮演奏莫扎特作品
    • 4. 傳導 does water conduct heat well? 水的導熱性好嗎?


    • 1. 指揮 he conducted from the piano 他通過鋼琴來指揮 he went on a conducting course 他上了指揮課


    1. the manner in which a person behaves, especially in a particular place or situation

    2. the manner in which an organization or activity is managed or directed

    3. organize and carry out

    4. lead or guide (someone) to or around a particular place

    5. transmit (a form of energy such as heat or electricity) by conduction

  2. 知識+

    • carry out, implement, conduct

      請問carry out, implement, conduct 用法有何差異? 就「執行,實施」的意思,乍看之下這三個似乎...不同性質的組織、或具有某種權威性的單位或主管階層等」 2. conduct最常接的名詞有(單複均可):Survey 調查;勘查...

    • conduct???conduct???

      the code of conduct (which) workers are expected to adhere to 這不是完整的句子,其中省略了關代。 code of conduct : 行為準則;規範 翻譯: 員工所應遵循的行為規範

    • 急~關於conduct的用法

      Collective bargaining for a wage increase was conducted last Friday. 調漲工資的集體協商上週五被引導付諸行動了. 本句的conducted...