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    • 1. 承認 He refused to confess to his crime. 他拒絕認罪。
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    • 一個英文文法問題-admit 與 confess

      ...的四個動詞用法分別為: to admire somebody for something to admit somebody to something to confess to somebody that to apply that 看來只有第三個confess的句型合乎你的句子.但時態...

    • 英文to後面不是要原形嗎

      Nearly one third of them confess to spending three or more hours a day on... 注意於look forward to Ving 期待confess to Ving 承認; 認錯於be an answer to 為...之解答...

    • 關於to後面加動名詞

      ... in the big city. (題目有誤) 片語 benefit to---> 對...有利益 He confessed to breaking the mirror 片語 confess to---> 承認 所以 兩句句子to後面都...