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  1. confidence man


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    • seemingly v.s superficially

      ...amp;rdquo;另外那個人答道。 -- A whole succession of tricksters or confidence--men appear on the ship seemingly the same man in various guises. 船上有一連串壞蛋...

    • 有人知道這幾本書嗎?

      給你一個不錯的網站 我剛查了一下 上面幾本書都有 大綱 角色 等都非常詳細... 右上方可以...

    • a bit of a con 是什麼意思呢?

      con (in con man) = confidence to "con" is to dupe, to deceive, to swindle... It is... car is a con = it is a lemon ABC is a con man = ABC is a deceiving person princess is a con con girl...