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  1. conflicting

    • IPA[kənˈflɪktɪŋ]
    • adj.
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    • Conflict

      ...not sure what you meant by that question. "Where does conflict happen? " You didn't even say what kind of conflict or some details...

    • conflicted,ambivalent,paradox.

      我想用英文解釋或許對你較有幫助喔: 1. " conflict(ed) " 衝突(的),抵觸(的) Conflict is a state of opposition...

    • conflict of mass proportion意思?

      咕咕雞分明來亂的 =口= 在問過外國朋友後為您解說這句的意思吧 conflict 是衝突、鬥爭之意 mass 是一堆、大量 proportion 照這句子看是「比率」的...