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  1. congress

    • IPA[ˈkɒŋɡrɛs]


    • n.
      a formal meeting or series of meetings for discussion between delegates, especially those from a political party, trade union, or from within a particular sphere of activity;a national legislative body, especially that of the US. The US Congress, which meets at the Capitol in Washington DC, was established by the Constitution of 1787 and is composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives
    • noun: congress, plural noun: congresses

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  2. 知識+

    • Congress 要加定冠詞 the 嗎?

      Congress 翻譯成 會議 或 代表大會! 如果說特定的一個會議,那就要加The進去...congress of Taiwan. (台灣的最高立法機關) 或你可以說 A medical congress on SARS. (一個討論SARS的衛生機構) 因為不只是只有特定那一個...

    • Capitol Hill和Congress一樣嗎?

      ...們開會的地方 Capitol Hill - 指 Capitol 旁邊的住宅區 Congress - 國會, 相當於台灣的立法院 Capitol Hill 和 Congress...

    • 請問congress,convention有何不同?

      你好 兩者都是大型的meeting... congress來自拉丁文congressus. 是屬於較正式的國家級大型會議與權力代表大會 ex...