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    • 1. 連接 The bridge connected the island with the mainland. 這座橋把這個島嶼與大陸連接起來。
    • 2. 與……聯繫 Please connect with him soon. 請立即與他聯繫。
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    • 英文翻譯-beats me, connect to/with

      ...例: That beats me.  這可難倒了我    2.connect to 和connect with可以互通嗎?  The Saharan oases are connected...

    • connect 和contact 怎麼用?

      ....if you connect the plug with the socket, the machine will turn on. 延伸 be connected with =be in connection with =have connection with =be associated with =be ...

    • The meaning of Oriental.

      Oriental's meaning is 'connected with or typical of the eastern part of the world, especially China and Japan...