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  1. consent to

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    • 1. 同意 His father did not consent to his going abroad. 他父親不同意他去國外。
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    • 該怎樣使用agree about /with/on

      ... not agree with me. (2) Agree to (something, do something) (a) to consent to something => Do you agree to the condition? => I agree to...

    • assent 和 agree 的使用區分?

      ...point. 二.consent可當動詞(對人讓步表示同意)或名詞使用。 例:She consented to run for President/她同意競選總統. 名詞常用諺語:Silence...

    • 英文文法問題

      ...是 無論在什麼情況下我都不會把房子(建築物)賣掉 意思等於 I will not consent to sell the building under any circumstances. 我是覺得他一定要有will...