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    • keep dating 是什麼意思?

      seriors 這個我想可能是拼錯了喔 依文句來看我猜是serious@@?如果是這樣的話:Give a serious considering about keep dating with me ? =>要不要慎重的考慮繼續跟我交往? keep dating:持續/繼續交往 - [叛]

    • 拜託一下,幫忙翻譯成中文

      ICE,您好!您的問題解答如下: 1. I will consider about the question you've asked(ask) me. 中譯:我會對於你問過我的...

    • "你考慮好了嗎"的英文該怎麼說?

      你考慮好了嗎? = have you think/ consider about it? 請問你考慮好了嗎? = excuse me, have you consider yet? 你考慮的如何?= have you consider about it? 你考慮的結果如何? = what is the result of your consideration?