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    • 急...翻譯一段英文文章...英翻中...20點

      ...discipline depends on one`s conception of knowledge and information, which I now consider more closely.這一科領域的定義是取決於人的知識和資訊的觀念,現在我考慮的更仔細了 

    • 化工類英文翻譯中文

      ... suggests that there are two different aspects to be considered in the process of adsorption: the kinetic, which is closely related to the macropore and mesopore volume of the AC, and the process...

    • 英文自寫文章修正(文法、用詞)

      ... medium is sound. Music is closely associated with our daily life: the language...hear, natural sound, and of course, a song we sing are considered forms of music.   Usually, what we call...