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    • 英文字義題 (急問)

      ...of time to consider the pros and cons of a single currency... of coins and notes for the area. 我們... *the pros and cons: 事物的利...反覆思考= consider

    • 誰能幫我檢查這句的文法對不對?

      ... are pretty right, I personally think "We must be fair and consider pros and cons" 因為我不覺得只有一個pro nor con, 所以要加s; 反之"the reason" 其實有點多餘. 不加也沒有問題, 而且令句子更爽快.

    • 英文造句好多個 都不太會 幫幫忙~

      1.(the) pros and cons of there are always pros... suggestion, I will definitely consider. 關於你的建議 我一定會參考 3...時候 不要投資 3 the setting of the story is dated back...