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    • 請幫我翻譯以下評語(中文翻成英文)----20點

      1. You are a very considerate of the children, every time you seriously look at services...a very happy child, you are infected with the side of innocent people happy with you, congratulations you have...

    • 一些英文文法問題2

      ...從壞到更壞, 亦即情況惡化. 2.We should be considerate of old people. 為何不是用considerated?should be 不是後面要...2011-04-10 09:11:37 補充: living standard = standard of living 這個living是動名詞(名詞性質...

    • 關於科技英文的翻譯,還有簡述 flaming的定義

      ...the most common breaches of online netiquette.Instead of being considerate of others'viewpoints, "flamers"forcs...