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    • 1. 在於 The beauty of the city consists in the unique style of its buildings. 這座城市的美在於它建築物的獨特風格。
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    • Courage consists, not in blind

      Three independent sentences... 勇氣不在於盲目地忽略危險,而在於察覺危險並克服它。 它無關於我們擁有多少,重要的是我們能享受多少而且從中得到快樂。 我從未聽過那首歌,但我想是我最喜歡的歌手Tracy唱的。 2005-05-02 23:29:03 補充: 第三題 pedro 的翻譯較...

    • 可以幫我把這些翻譯成英文嗎?有關西班牙的...

      Spaniards's daily food consist in pasta types , they do eat rice as well their the situation : men wearing suit and ties in their office hour while women wear mainly ...

    • 請幫我比較cover,contain等單字(+15)

      ...委員會是由五村的領導人所組成) (v.)存在;在於 +in The key to succeed consists in whether you will pay something. (成功的關鍵在於你要不要付出些東西) (v.)和...並存...