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    • make/consist/compose/form用法何異

      ...做的) (B) be consisted of: consist應該不能用被動式, 所以沒有 be consisted of這種用法. 要用主動式 consist(s) of... 例 Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen...

    • compose ofconsist of 的不同

      ...consist of不可用被動式 be composed of sb/sth 或compose sth是較正式的用法,意思與consist of相同 consist of/comprise/make up/constitute/be composed of/be comprised...

    • comprise的用法

      comprise 構成之後各自還在 consist of 構成之後各自還在 Be made of 構成之後各自不在 My... would like to suppose as the following: Water is mede of hydrogen and oxygen. [ hydrogen oxygen 構成之後各自不在 ]