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  1. console

    • IPA[kənˈsəʊl]


    • v.
      comfort (someone) at a time of grief or disappointment
    • verb: console, 3rd person present: consoles, gerund or present participle: consoling, past tense: consoled, past participle: consoled

    • 釋義


    • 1. comfort (someone) at a time of grief or disappointment she tried to console him but he pushed her gently away you can console yourself with the thought that you did your best
  2. 知識+

    • council、counsel、consul、console

      council and counsel have the same pronounciation 重音都在前面音節 COUN consul 重音在前面音節 CON console 重音在後面音節 SOLE

    • counselling 和 consoling 這兩個字

      counselling 名詞 諮詢服務 consoling 形容詞 可安慰的 2011-06-30 12:38:34 補充: counselling另有其意 名詞 1.輔導服務 2.個別輔導 2011-06-30 12:39:09 補充: counselling=counseling

    • 英翻中,請問遊戲中的Console代表的意思是?

      ...遊戲和指令的細節, 所以也不太確定對不對, 你參考看看吧. ============================= Console在遊戲中是指 1) 控制列或控制台, 如果跟你要問的指令有關, 那應該是這...